chrome_reader_modeUnlimited usage of Reader
listLifetime Activity log
alarm30 day Library history
monetization_onAdvertisement supported
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chrome_reader_modeUnlimited usage of Reader
listLifetime Activity log
alarmLifetime Library history
money_offAd-free experience
Always Free To Read.Literal is completely free to use to read, but also provides paid plans offering an improved experience and feature set.
Frequently Asked Questions
What does "Advertisement supported" mean?Free users on the Basic plan will see non-intrusive advertisements on their Dashboard. Literal will never disrupt your reading experience with advertisements, and we will never display pop-ups or other types of intrusive advertising.
What does "30 day library history" mean?Free uers on the Basic plan will only be able to open documents in their Library added in the last 30 days. Free users will still be able to see older documents in their Library and will be able to open the older documents again when they upgrade to a paid plan.
How do I cancel my subscription?To cancel your Literal subscription, navigate to the "Plan" section of your account page and change your actively subscribed plan from a paid plan to a free plan. You are free to cancel your paid subscription at any time.
What type of payment do you accept?We accept all major credit cards. We use Stripe to process online payments, so your payment information is kept secure and never transmitted to our servers.