The PDF Reader of the Web.
Literal is the best way to read and interact with online PDF documents.
Literal makes PDF documents discoverable, searchable, and shareable by integrating deeply with your Web browser.
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Your Digital Librarian.
Literal is much more than just a reader - a powerful document management system organizes, archives, and enhances your document library.
Highlight, search, and share documents from your library.
Designed for ReadingUpgrades your browser's default PDF reader
Library ManagementNever lose a document and access from anywhere
Cloud ConnectedIntegrates with Google Drive and Dropbox
HighlightsSave and share your favorite pieces of text
Optical Character RecognitionAutomatically apply text layer to make scanned documents searchable
Reading AnalyticsMotivate yourself with reading activity analytics and automatically resume progress
Enhance Your Reading Experience.
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